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Mettarel Associates, PS provides therapy and training services.  We employ educated, skillful, kind, enthusiastic humans who care about improving peoples' lives and the community around them.  Please read more about the individuals at Mettarel below:

Jill Arndt headshot.jpeg

Jill Arndt, LMHCA

She/Her Pronouns

Jill IS accepting new clients at this time.

Jill believes that building healthy relationships is the most important thing we can do to create meaningful lives. Those relationships can be with others - and they can be the relationships we have with ourselves. Jill practices from an Emotion-Focused perspective, helping her clients find the safety and the courage to express their emotional and relational needs to themselves and to their partners. She is also able to adapt her approach to suit a variety of client needs.


Jill has helped clients work through a wide variety of life problems including chronic illness, systemic injustice, childhood trauma, suicidality, career issues, grief, and , relationship issues. Jill welcomes clients from all cultural backgrounds and always endeavors to understand and honor her clients' unique values and beliefs. 


"I welcome the opportunity to hold space for you so you can get to know yourself and your relationships better. I seek to make my clients feel seen and supported while we journey together past feelings of being stuck, confused, and alone."


Jill is providing therapy in-person as well as by telehealth.


Jill is an employee of Mettarel


Jill’s supervisor is Anna Goeke

Jill (All Staff)

Jen Farnham, LMFTA

She/Her Pronouns

Jen IS accepting new clients at this time.

Wherever you are in your therapeutic journey, Jen’s first goal is to offer a warm, empathetic space where you can be comfortable exploring the questions that brought you here. Jen welcomes individuals, couples, kids, teens, and families and is a long-practicing ally to BIPOC and LGTBQIA+ communities. 

Jen’s areas of focus include trauma, attachment, grief, relationships, boundary-setting, goal work, sex, alternative families, anxiety, and depression.

Her first career as an art and humanities teacher sparked a desire to work more one-on-one with people and the challenges they face throughout life leading Jen to a master’s degree and a second career as a therapist. Jen’s therapeutic methods derive from Gottman Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and individuals, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Internal Family Systems theory, and art therapy. 

“Whether you are experiencing a difficult time or exploring a tool-building phase, I am here to support your needs and goals with empathy and non-judgement.”


Jen is providing therapy in-person as well as by telehealth.

Jen is an employee of Mettarel.

Jen’s supervisor is Mindy McGovern, MA, LMFT, CST

Jen (All Staff)

Kevin Troutt, LMFT

He/Him Pronouns

Kevin IS NOT accepting new clients at this time.


Firm in the belief that even the most stuck places make sense, Kevin’s goal is to offer reflection, support, and a safe place to explore your path forward. Keeping candor and a sense of humanity at the front of all his interactions, Kevin will hold space for your experiences where you will feel heard and cared for, and can feel safe to explore their emotional significance. 


Kevin’s work is grounded in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Trauma-informed care. Each of these approaches emphasize a non-pathologizing viewpoint, creating safety to take risks to create new emotional experiences.


“The core of my therapeutic approach is connection. I strive to create a safe, accepting, and attuned space for my clients, in every part of their journey.”

Kevin is providing therapy in-person as well as by telehealth.

Kevin is an employee of Mettarel

Kevin (All Staff)
Fremont HS Aug2020-9e.jpg

Jonathan Aderhold, LMHC
He/Him Pronouns

Jonathan IS accepting new clients at this time.

Jonathan understands the importance of feeling heard in a relationship, and helps couples learn to share openly while avoiding the pitfalls of criticism and defensiveness. Jonathan's approach applies techniques and draws from the research developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman and is heavily influenced by the EFT model created by Dr. Sue Johnson. Jonathan is also experienced in helping individuals with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, religious trauma, and faith transitions.

“I'm passionate about helping people find their voice, and learning to feel free to be their authentic selves.”

Jonathan is providing therapy via telehealth only.

Jonathan is a WA State Supervisor in training

Jonathan is an employee of Mettarel

Jonathan (All Staff)

Sheri Vernon, MA, LMHC
She/Her Pronouns

Sheri IS accepting new clients at this time.

Sheri believes we are always in relationship — with ourself, with others, and with our world.  Sheri will help make your relationships meaningful, high impact, and satisfying.
Reconnect with your instinctual awareness while tapping into our shared humanity and innate interdependence.
"I offer compassion, challenge, and support to connect you with your authentic self and experience more satisfying relationships"

Sheri is providing therapy in-person as well as by telehealth

Sheri is a WA State Approved Supervisor

Sheri is an employee of Mettarel

Anna (All Staff)
Fremont HS Aug2020-14e Anna Goeke.jpg

Anna Goeke, MA, LMFT, CGT

"Clinical Director"

No Pronouns (use my name)

Anna IS NOT accepting new clients at this time.

Anna is the founder and clinical director at Mettarel Associates, PS.  As a Certified Gottman Therapist and Certified Gottman Educator with extensive training in and passion for Emotionally Focused Therapy Anna works with couples, families, and therapists to improve the world. 


Anna is also passionate about leading the Hold Me Tight ® workshop, and supervising therapists for WA State Licensure as an AAMFT Approved Supervisor.


"I feel honored to be a therapist and to have the privilege of helping people improve their relationships with themselves and each other."

Anna is providing therapy in-person as well as by telehealth

Anna is a WA State Approved Supervisor and AAMFT Approved Supervisor

Anna is founder and owner of Mettarel

Alina Photo.jpg

Alina DeBellis

"Business Manager"

She/Her Pronouns

Alina manages everything Mettarel including supporting the entire team so that the Mettarel team can provide services with excellence.

Alina is an employee of Mettarel

Katie S - Austria.jpeg

Katie Sawicki

"Customer Interface"

She/Her Pronouns

Katie provides scheduling and other customer interface assistance to make the whole experience better for employees, clients, and everyone involved.

Katie is an employee of Mettarel

Capuccino - retired
AKA "Capi"

She/Her Pronouns

Capi is a member of the therapy team. Capi was born in May of 2013 and has been an active part of the therapy process since late June of 2013.  Sometimes her involvement is limited to looking cute while she's sleeping, sometimes cuddling with clients, and sometimes playing with toes.  


Capi loves to meet new people, but if you prefer, she is equally at home out of sight in her 'den'.

Capi works with Anna Goeke

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