Why Mettarel?

Because together we can do more.  By pooling our resources and enthusiasm, and supporting each other, we achieve more, learn more and contribute more.  Oh, and we have full administrative support, so you don't have to do scheduling, billing, phone calling, accounting, marketing, etc.  - You get to focus on improving the world through your therapeutic work.

Who should apply?

Any therapist who is an attachment enthusiast.  Ideally you work from a systemic, humanistic model and you have a desire to work collaborative with a team.  Together we can do more.

How much will I be paid?

You will be paid by the hour, with your rate being dependent on knowledge, experience and reputation.

How do I apply?

We have a formal recruiting process and have a relationship with Zephyr Recruiting LLC, whom we use for the screening and hiring process. If you are selected for the next step you will get instructions on what those are within 3 days of your submission. Everyone will be contacted.  Please email your resume and cover letter to us here (jobs@mettarel.com) , or apply directly on indeed here.


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