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Individual Therapy Seattle 

Individual Therapy in Seattle

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, interpersonal issues, or other mental health struggles, therapy can help.  At Mettarel we go beyond talk therapy to work with you to create actual change. Not only can you open up about your feelings and what you are going through to a non-judgmental, unbiased third party, but we will work with you to experience a shift in long lasting patterns stuck in your somatic and neurobiological self.  This changes your experience, which changes your behavior, and thus your results.  As necessary, you may also learn effective coping strategies and evidence-based techniques to experience relief from your symptoms. 


We Are Here To Help! 

At Mettarel, we offer in-person and online individual therapy appointments for adults in the Greater Seattle area. Our highly skilled therapists specialize in a wide variety of modalities, including EFT, IFS, and somatic therapies, to ensure you receive the best possible treatment. Contact us today to schedule a “Help Me Choose” session and find a Seattle therapist that is right for you.

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Conditions We Treat With Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy can help with virtually any condition or issue someone is faced with. Whether it be lifelong depression and anxiety, coming to terms with one’s sexuality, or simply wanting to better yourself and get more out of life, therapy is an invaluable resource. Here are some of the conditions we treat with individual therapy at Mettarel: 

Who Can Benefit From Individual Therapy?

People from all different ages and walks of life can benefit from individual therapy. 

  • Individuals who feel stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. 

  • Individuals with low self-esteem or negative self-talk 

  • People dealing with relationship or marital issues 

  • People struggling in their careers or high-stress work situations 

  • Individuals feeling hopeless, stuck, and lack enjoyment in life 

  • Individuals grieving the loss of a loved one

  • Individuals dealing with substance abuse issues 

  • Individuals lacking motivation or drive 

  • Individuals dealing with life transitions or changes

  • Individuals dealing with trauma or PTSD 

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Some of the Modalities We Use for Individual Therapy in Seattle 

Our therapists use effective, evidence-based modalities such as Emotionally Focused Therapy and IFS. This helps ensure real, lasting change rather than just a temporary fix. 

Emotionally Focused Therapy  (EFIT) 



Somatic Therapies

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What to Expect From Therapy in Seattle, WA 

During your initial session, your therapist will work with you to understand your background, the issues you are facing, concerns you have, and what you hope to achieve in therapy. The therapist will spend time getting to know who you are and what your struggles entail.  Your therapist will work with you to create a space where you can experience an open mind and speak freely, without judgment. Together you'll work to remove obstacles, and change patterns, in order to put you on the path to achieving your goals and overcoming your mental health struggles. 

In-Person & Online Therapy in Seattle

We recognize that every patient has different needs and preferences regarding receiving care. This is why we offer both in-person and online therapy appointments for individuals in the Seattle area. For some, the traditional approach of in-person face-to-face meetings are most beneficial, while others benefit from the privacy, comfort, and convenience of their own homes. Our telehealth sessions use software which is secure and compliant with HIPAA regulations. 

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Get To Know Our Seattle Therapists

Frequently Asked Questions About Individual Therapy 

  • Why Mettarel?
    At Mettarel, we believe that together, we can do more. By pooling our resources and enthusiasm, the supportive environment at Mettarel allows us all to achieve more, learn more, and contribute more- working together to improve the community one relationship at a time. Mettarel provides full administrative support to our therapists. You can focus on your therapeutic work knowing that the scheduling, billing, accounting, marketing, and all the other administrative tasks are taken care of. Mettarel provides a reliable client referral flow and manages the initial scheduling, form completion, and billing. When you join Mettarel, you help us say, “Yes, we would love to help you!” to more clients instead of saying, “Sorry, we are at capacity.”
  • Who should apply to Mettarel?
    Mettarel is looking for therapists who are attachment enthusiasts. We are seeking candidates who are trained in and/or interested in providing excellent Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to clients. Our ideal candidate is passionate about attachment theory and EFT has compassionate and enthusiastic professional personalities works from a systemic orientation appreciates group consults with fellow therapists engages in many training opportunities works collaboratively and is a lifelong learner is licensed or has the ability to become licensed as a marriage and family therapist, mental health counselor, social worker, or psychologist in Washington State Any therapist who is an attachment enthusiast is encouraged to apply. Ideally you work from a systemic, humanistic model and you have a desire to work collaboratively with a team. Together we can reduce our overhead and do more. Please see "descriptions" and "current openings" for more information.
  • What does compensation look like?
    At Mettarel, our therapists are employees, not contractors. Therapists are paid an hourly wage based on a client bill rate that takes into account their knowledge & education, experience, and credentials. Our therapists also receive paid time off, sick leave, and medical benefits. Mettarel strongly believes in encouraging/helping/assisting our therapists' growth and professional development, at all levels of experience and expertize, as we are lifelong learners. To that end, extensive supervision and training opportunities are offered as part of employment at Mettarel.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please feel free to schedule an "employment informational" appointment for an opportunity to ask Mettarel all your questions before applying. You can email for help scheduling or for your convenience you may schedule directly here : schedule employment informational
  • How do I apply?
    To learn more about our current open positions and apply please click on the apply here link under your desired position on the open positions page. If you are selected for the next step you will get instructions on what those are within 3 days of your submission. Everyone will be contacted.

Start Therapy in Seattle, WA Today 

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