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Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle

"Making just a small and gentle change in the trajectory of your marriage can have a dramatic, positive effect over time." - Dr. John Gottman​

This connecting workshop includes 11 hours of workshop information and exercises, the book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, two "Couples Guides" workbooks, and "Love Maps" and "Open-Ended Questions" card decks.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is the bestselling and acclaimed culmination of four decades of research, presented in an accessible format to anyone who longs for stronger, healthier relationships.

Until now, marking up the book’s pages was the only way for readers to record answers to its many exercises. Our new Couples Guide takes couples step-by-step through the interactive exercises in each chapter of The Seven Principles, and it offers each partner their own private space to work through exercises and journal thoughtfully about each principle as it applies to their own relationship.

The Seven Principles Couples Set will help couples learn and use our research-based exercises and methods to improve their relationships

Facilitated by

(one or more of the following)

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Chris Paredes, MA, LMHCA

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Emily Grogan, MA, LMHCA

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Mindy McGovern, LMFTA

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Is this workshop right for us?

If you and your partner would like to preserve or enhance the quality of your relationship, then this workshop might be right for you.  Same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples are all welcome.  If, however, your relationship is experiencing ongoing violence or active, destructive addiction or severe mental health diagnosis, then seeking help through therapy may be a better choice.

What is included in the price?

The price of the workshop includes admission for two people to the two day workshop. In addition it includes two copies of the Seven Principles Couples workbook and Seven Principles card decks.  

What is the format of the workshop?

The informative workshop takes place on Friday (6pm - 9pm) and Saturday (9am - 5pm).  During these hours, there will be presentations by the facilitator(s), including video clips.  There are also supporting exercises for you and your partner. 

Is this therapy?

No, this is an educational program presented by therapists specially trained to present the Seven Principles workshop.  The workshop and supporting materials have been designed to help couples learn strategies and skills to create a lasting, satisfying relationship.

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