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Meet Sheri

I'm passionate about helping people.  I work with couples, families and individuals in all kinds of situations, lead workshops and supervise clinicians.

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Sheri Vernon Headshot

About me: Sheri Vernon, LMHC

My professional skills as a licensed mental health counselor are extensive and deeply rooted in over two decades of experience. Specializing in attachment-based therapy, particularly Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), brings a wealth of expertise to my practice. My role as a Washington State LMHC supervisor adds another layer of credibility and responsibility to my repertoire, with a commitment to guiding and mentoring others in the field.

My mastery in attachment-based therapy, particularly EFT , helps couples delve into the core dynamics of relationship. We will focuses on unraveling the patterns of behaviors that often leave individuals and couples feeling trapped or disconnected. By facilitating understanding and insight, we will empower you to break free from these patterns and forge healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

My academic background, including a Master's Degree in psychology, provides you with a solid foundation in theory and practice, which has been enriched through years of hands-on experience and continued education. My passion for working with couples shines through, as I derive satisfaction from helping  people navigate their challenges and fostering a deeper sense of understanding and connection.

In essence, my  professional identity revolves around guiding individuals and couples toward greater self-awareness and relational harmony. My mantra of "getting unstuck" and "feeling understood" encapsulates the transformative journey to facilitate your profound personal growth and fulfillment.

My therapeutic style is like a skilled navigator guiding clients through the tumultuous waters of life with hope, humor, and compassion as your North Star. I see each individual as part of a larger system, recognizing that their family dynamics and past experiences have left indelible marks on their present choices and relationships. Together, we embark on a journey of exploration, peeling back layers to uncover the roots of behavior and thought patterns.

My approach is gentle yet purposeful, gently nudging clients to unearth their truths while providing the time and space for introspection. I am not afraid to ask probing questions, but always with sensitivity and a deep respect for the client's autonomy. Whether offering gentle guidance or allowing space for self-discovery, I strive to demonstrate unwavering support of your journey towards you best self. Through exploration, discovery, and reframing, I empower clients to envision and enact positive changes in their lives.

As a therapist I have special interest, extensive training and/or experience in the following:

  • EFT Couples Counseling

  • Depression / Anxiety

  • Grief and loss

  • Death and dying

  • Terminal illnesses

  • Divorce and coparenting

  • Relationship betrayal and repair / forgiveness

  • Stuck patterns of communication

  • Self in relationship

  • Enneagram

  • LMHC/LMFT Supervision

  • Sex and intimacy

  • Life transitions / career change / retirement

Sheri's Fee is $195 / 50 minute session


Licenses, Certifications and Professional Memberships:
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor - State of Washington DOH

  • WA State Supervisor - State of Washington DOH

  • ICEEFT - LIfetime Member

Experience and Education:

  • Masters of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science, Bastyr University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, University of Washington

Specialty Trainings:

  • EFT | Emotionally Focused Therapy - Advanced Training Completed

Sheri Vernon
By Bastyr University -, Public Domain,
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