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Inclement Weather Policy

Mettarel recognizes the fact that inclement weather and other emergencies can affect the company’s ability to open for business and/or the client's ability to safely get to their appointment. The safety of our clients and employees is paramount in any emergency situation.

Fortunately, emergencies and inclement weather days are infrequent, but these are the guidelines for when they occur.

Our 48 hour cancellation policy is altered to a two hour cancellation policy in the following cases:

1) When Seattle Public Schools close due to inclement weather:

2) When 

Company Closure

When an emergency such as these examples occurs, the company is closed.

  • over a foot of snow falls,

  • electricity is out,

  • heat in the winter is not available,

  • flooding affects transportation, or

  • the governor declares a weather emergency and asks people to stay off the roads.

We will keep the company closed for the briefest period of time possible.

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