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Energy Work

Energy Healing 

Energy healing is a beneficial path of treatment for many people. Whether you have found traditional therapy unhelpful, are looking for spiritual information about yourself, want general assistance with energy and purpose, or are dealing with a physical aliment, energy work can support you.

While energy work does not automatically or solely provide healing, it is a tool to bolster your journey and provide the extra support you need to move through your troubles. 

Information about what energy healing is, what to expect, and common questions are down below. We hope to see you soon!

Reiki Therapy

Healing Modalities

A variety of modalities  are combined for energy healing sessions. The combinations allows our practitioners to address all areas of your energy and give comprehensive treatment.

Usui Reiki

Usui Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing modality that allows universal energy to flow through the practitioner and into the client (you!) to heal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ailments. The practitioner channels the energy through themselves and to you, working to balance your 7 major chakras and bring your body and mind into balance. It helps to unplug the channels in your body, give support to old wounds and, and re-program unhelpful beliefs.

Light Weaving

Light weaving is the process of flowing pure healing light and weaving into energetic wounds. These wounds can be literal (physical pains), mental or emotional (trauma, old wounds), and spiritual (psychic attacks). Light weaving "patches up" these problems and helps to give support while you heal consciously.

What Can Energy Healing Help With?

Energy healing can treat any variety of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues.

  • Pain

  • Stress, Overwhelm, and Burnout

  • Emotional and mental pain

  • Grief 

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Insomnia and poor sleep

  • Panic Attacks

  • chronic conditions and chronic pain

  • Pre and post-surgery (less pain and faster recovery)

  • Immune disorders

  • Out of balance energy and aura

  • Fatigue

  • Menstrual cramps

  • Pregnancy discomfort

  • Loss of purpose

Reiki Healing
Energy Healing

What to Expect

You will either lie on the table or sit in a chair, fully clothed. Energy healing does not involve any kind of moving tissue or massage. The only touch involved is the light laying of hands on the appropriate parts of the body. The practitioner will do so according to the healing they are performing, though if you are uncomfortable with touch they can easily work without touch.


Together you will discuss and understand your priorities and healing intentions, and work with whatever energy healing methods will best serve you. 


   During a session, you may experience a variety of emotional and physical sensations. To name a few, you may feel your mood swing, changes in body temperature, you may begin crying, you might feel as though you're floating, sinking, or spinning, you may fall asleep, or you may feel nothing/close to nothing. Everyone's experience is different. Reiki and energy healing cannot harm you so rest assured you are safe at all times. If at any point you are uncomfortable or scared, they will happily pause and talk through the issue.

Mountain Range

More Information About Our Energy Healer

Energy Healing FAQs: From Seven

What can I expect for results?

Healing can occur in many different ways. I believe in a holistic healing approach so often clients find that their health has generally improved. You might feel more energized and calm, and find that you can get through the day without fatigue. You will most likely sleep better, feel less stress, and find that you are in a higher state of vibrance. 

Some people experience immense healing and are able to recover fully from their conditions.

Your mindset is one of the most important tools in your journey- by choosing to come and see me, you are choosing healing and wellness and have begun your path to health and happiness

How long does it take to work?

This depends on the person. Some people may feel fulfilled after one session, others may not feel much at first. Reiki and energy work do usually take a few sessions to make impactful changes in someone's life- though people report feeling peaceful and rested after each session. 

With dedication and willingness, energy work can help change your life that much sooner.


Unless specified our energy workers are not mental health professionals. They are not trained to treat mental illness. If you have concerns about your mental health please see a professional. That being said- you are welcome to discuss your mental health in session if you feel comfortable doing so.

Unless specified, our energy workers are not medical professionals. They are not qualified to diagnose individuals or prescribe medication. They are not doctors. If you have a serious medical issue, please see a physician. Energy healing is not a replacement for medical attention.

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