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Meet Seven

As an energy healer, I help people struggling with any variety of emotional and physical issues. By collaborating with you and your intentions I will flow and direct your energy so you can enter your most balanced state of well-being and feel energized and capable.

Choose one of the options below to see how I can be helpful to you or scroll down to read more about me and my qualifications.


About me: Seven - Energy Worker 

Hey! My name is Seven, nicknamed Saturn, and I'm super excited that you've decided to check out my page.
I've been highly intuitive from a young age, and subsequently, I've struggled with hyper-empathy and sensitivity. This has led to mental and emotional health struggles throughout my life. When I discovered energy healing, I instantly felt drawn to it and decided that this was something I wanted to practice to help myself, and other people. It was an incredible decision, and I hope that I can help you as much as other practitioners have helped me. 

I first started officially researching and learning about spirituality and energy healing when I was 12. My Reiki Master, teaching education, and Intuitive training come from the expertise of Daisy Thompson at the Northwest Healing Studio. I have been a student of her intuitive school for several years, learning light weaving, past life recollection, communication with spirits, and many other skills from her. 
I live in Seattle, and when I'm not energy healing I am reading, painting, writing books, dancing, and being a circus performer. I also am a regular tea enthusiast and lover of the rain!

Some issues potentially addressed by Reiki are :

  • Poor sleep

  • lack of energy

  • lack of direction

  • anxiety / depression

  • physical pain

  • lack of purpose

  • stuck patterns

  • limiting beliefs

Seven's Fee is $125 / 90 minute session


Experience and Education:

  • Reiki I, II, and III - Northwest Healing Studio

  • Intuition Training Program (ongoing, currently third year) - Northwest Healing Studio

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