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Mettarel is proud to offer registration assistance for the following online class put on by PSEFT:

Getting Grounded in the EFT Tango

Friday, September 25, 2020
9 am - 4.30 pm (PDT) Online  - $175

Do you want to

  • Bolster your sense of direction and help your sessions flow?

  • Experience the warmth and knowledge of Sharon Chatkupt Lee, PsyD ?

  • Deepen your knowledge, understanding, and comfort with the EFT Tango?

Then join us for this  FUN and EXPERIENTIAL one day virtual workshop featuring Portland trainer Sharon Chatkupt Lee, PsyD


Workshop limited to 16 participants.



Getting Grounded in the EFT Tango is a one day course designed to help participants develop familiarity and skill in using the EFT Tango in their clinical work. With the EFT Tango we can be more oriented and confident in knowing how to balance process and cycle work with emotional access and deepening. By providing simple guideposts for the clinician to ground ourselves, then we are freed up to use more of ourselves in attunement and resonance.



Traditionally we have taught Emotion Focused Therapy for couples as a model of steps and stages. For some people the steps and the stages are the comforting map of EFT, but for others the steps and the stages can be a real stumbling block that slows down the learning and fills people with insecurity. In Sue Johnson’s most recent book, she is uses the EFT Tango to illustrate how we can move through individual, couple and family sessions moving easily from systemic work into emotional deepening and back into integration. We still use the steps and

stages to guide us in our work, but the EFT Tango can help us orient ourselves throughout the session regardless of step or stage.


This workshop is designed to give the clinician a firm grasp of using the EFT Tango. We will observe, practice, and experience the EFT Tango over and over again. We will watch sessions and break down the moves one at a time. We will develop simple hand holds that you can use in your session to help you feel oriented, confident and in charge of your sessions. We will practice each move of the tango and share the learning in small groups. This workshop will be lively and experiential.

Course Goals and Objectives

  1. Define the EFT Tango and each of its moves.

  2. Conceptualize clinicians interventions in a session through the lens of the EFT Tango.

  3. Apply different moves of the EFT Tango to different struggles in couple therapy.

  4. Use systemic skills to clarify a dynamic (Move 1) before dropping anchor (move 2)

  5. Use a balance of emotional deepening skills in combination with increasing awareness skills to help clients expand emotional capacity while increasing awareness.

  6. Use the EFT Tango to orient at moments of confusion and overwhelm or escalation.



Sharon Chatkupt Lee, PsyD is a psychologist and an EFT Supervisor and Trainer with a full time practice in Portland, Oregon. Sharon has been studying EFT since 2006 and began to build the EFT community in Portland and surrounding areas in 2012. Sharon is the Director of the Portland Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy and a founding member of the Oregon Community of Emotionally Focused Therapists. Sharon has special interests in supervision issues, trauma and yoga therapy. Sharon lives in Portland with her husband, 2 teenagers and Huckleberry Finn the labradoodle who is also her coworker.



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