Sydney Blaine, LMFTA

As a therapist, I draw not only on my education, but also on my life experience.  My background as a social worker nurtured my interest in helping others.  I expand that support, care, and understanding as a marriage and family therapist!

Some of my professional interests include:

  • facilitating improved communication with partner/family

  • exploring attachment issues

  • highlighting strengths of individuals and couples

  • supporting changes in belief systems

I am fascinated by the dynamics of interpersonal relationships! 


We humans have a basic need for connection with others, and more specifically, a desire for safety, comfort, trust, and security in our relationships.

My passion is supporting couples and individuals in discovering their interactional patterns and strengthening their emotional engagement.  From my own previous participation in couple therapy, I appreciate and understand the importance of working with an empathetic, non-judgmental therapist, and I am constantly mindful of bringing this Self into our therapy space.  Naming and experiencing emotions in a session can be difficult (and ultimately rewarding!), and it is one of my ongoing goals as a therapist to provide a place of safety and understanding in which to do so.


Sydney's Fee is $120 / 50 minute session

Sydney offers Sliding Scale fee Sessions


Licenses, Certifications and Professional Memberships:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate - MG61208207- - State of Washington DOH

AAMFT - Student Member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists



Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy

Antioch University – Seattle WA


Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

Azusa Pacific University – Azusa CA

Sydney Blaine