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New Clients

Get Matched With the Right Therapist!  

Finding the right therapist is extremely important for both couples and individuals. That's why we offer a 30-minute "Help Me Choose" appointment to all new clients. This session is designed to assist you in determining the best-fit type of therapy and therapist for your unique needs.

What to Expect in Your "Help Me Choose" Appointment

During this free 30-minute session, you will be guided through a brief assessment to get a better understanding of your needs, preferences, previous therapeutic experience and therapeutic goals. This information will help Mettarel suggest the most suitable therapist for you, considering factors such as:

Therapeutic approach and style

Specialty areas and expertise

Experience levels

Scheduling compatibility

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Schedule your free 30-minute "Help Me Choose" appointment today!

To ensure you match with the therapist who can best support you, follow these 5 easy steps:


Click the button below to access our appointments page.


Choose the "Help Me Choose" informational appointment type.


Click the button below to access our appointments page.


Provide your contact information.


Confirm your appointment and receive an email confirmation, which will include a secure link for the virtual session.
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