COVID-19 Policy

This page, like the pandemic, is evolving.  Check back for latest updates.


As of 8/23/2021:

Due to the Indoor Mask Mandate, we are not encouraging any in-person sessions.

As of 5/10/2021:

Therapy: Anna Goeke is now available to see fully vaccinated clients in the offices.  Other therapists are seeing clients exclusively online.

OSE Groups continue to be offered online.

As of 3/18/2020 :


Therapy: All therapists will be practicing online.  In cases where online is not practical or possible, or there are other reasons for an in-person appointment, in-person appointments can be scheduled with the clinical director.  Please schedule online and in-person appointments at this link: appointments.

The OSE April group has been cancelled and current registrants are encouraged to move their registration to September.


BBH (Bringing Baby Home) will take place as scheduled online.


HIPAA:  Our online appointments take place over our HIPAA compliant zoom subscription.